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Vanishing Point at Nine Gallery in Portland, OR. October 3 – Nov 3, 2019




Study of Site and Space at Spaceworks’ Gallery in Tacoma, WA. 

July 9 – August 16, 2018


Curator Allison Hyde

The exhibit runs July 9 – August 16, 2018, with a reception on Thursday, July 19, 6:00-8:00pm at Spaceworks.

The architecture of a space is much more than walls, ceiling, and floor, more than the sum of the rooms and hallways – it represents the human desire for safety and comfort and is the physical manifestation of our habits and daily life. Artworks in “Study of Site and Space” seek to open a dialogue about ideas of interior space as a site for imagination, solitude, and reflection of memory. 



Shape-Shifters at Nine Gallery, Portland, OR

May 3 – June 3, 2018


Curated by Christine Clark, Shape Shifters is an exhibition featuring four Portland based artists, Heidi Schwegler, Courtney Kemp, Colin Kippen and Gina Rios. 

Formally trained in metalsmithing/jewelry all have practiced professionally in the field, however over time the work has shifted off the body into a more sculptural realm. 

Craftsmanship, methodical process and material sensitivity together become a part of the content - a conscious and strategic nod to their training in metalsmithing. 

The suite of objects in Shape Shifters is distinct in that it illustrates an activation of past haptic experiences with metalsmithingtechniques, materials and tools to engage alternative and unexpected materials. A flocked surface on plastic becomes a planished embellishment; cast concrete replaces silver; an old carpet is a substitute for enamel. Curiosity motivates these artists to go beyond the limits of the body and material specificity while retaining all that is practical, methodical and brilliant about metalsmithing.

Shape Shifters is on view at Nine Gallery through June 3, 2018



Co-curator, Reliant Objects at Hoffman Gallery, Portland, OR

May 23 – August 2, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 6.49.38 PM

Reliant Objects is a group exhibition of interdisciplinary craft work challenging notions of form, function, and the future of domestic objects. In Reliant Objects, the works attempt to claim their own narrative space, building new futures and object-agency through challenges to form, misuse, and dysfunction. These objects rely upon a viewer’s recognition of their sameness and difference, in the ability to seek meaning in their digressions from everyday familiarity. This exhibition is not about strictly historical objects or everyday objects, material specificity or labored craft. It is not about the history of ‘the thing’, but rather about the ability for these objects to look into the future and serve as a reflection of self. In their multiplicity, augmentation, or fragmentation, these works act as a mirror, allowing the viewer to recognize themselves and their collective future potentials in disparate and unfamiliar parts and pieces. 


UNRULY at Platte Forum, Denver, CO

 March 9 – April 20, 2018


UNRULY celebrate 15 years of Platte Forum programming. Exhibit is on view at Platte Forum through April 20, 2018.  





WILD FAMILY at Border Patrol, Portland, ME

August 18 – October 28, 2017


Border Patrol is pleased to announce WILD FAMILY, an exhibition that celebrates memories, representations, and imaginings of matriarchy.  Join us for an opening reception Friday, August 18, 4p – 6p.

Named after a 1510 drawing by artist Albrecht Altdorfer, this exhibition imagines a world in which women rule. Using the drawing as a framing mechanism, as both an alternate history and as a dissection of patriarchy the works on display de-naturalize current power relationships while conjuring the arrival of a transformed landscape.

WILD FAMILY is on view through October 28, 2017 by appointment. To schedule a viewing please contact

Featuring works by: Elizabeth Atterbury (Portland, ME), Erin Elyse Burns (Seattle, WA), Demian DinéYazhi (Portland, OR), Nika Kaiser (Tucson, AZ), Courtney Kemp(Portland, OR), Zakkiyyah Najeebah (Chicago, IL), Elizabeth Spavento (Portland, ME), and Cammie Staros (Los Angeles, CA)

PRESS: Clits Raining Men: ‘Wild Family’ Creates a World at Border Patrol (The Portland Phoenix, Maine)



Solo show Glisten of Pavement, Sparkle of Doubt and 2-month A-I-R at Platte Forum, Denver Colorado

February 2 – March 15, 2017


IMG_3304 2-sm

Developed by PlatteForum‘s third Resident Artist of the season, Courtney Kemp, Glisten of Pavement, Sparkle of Doubt is a new exhibition that explores concepts of one’s awareness in youth, and the moment that a person understands their actions and the consequences. Incorporating defunct neon signs, false traffic and construction signage along with lipstick and other gendered elements, Courtney Kemp seeks to investigate one’s experience of how to become cognizant of the realities and potentials of our world.


Opening Reception: Thursday, February 2nd, 6–8 p.m at Platte Forum.

*Supported by a RACC Professional Development Award 2017


Now Burning at Border Patrol, Portland, ME

January 6 – March 3, 2017


Now Burning is a group show featuring incense and burners made by over thirty artists from the United States and Canada. Artist-made Incense will be burned in each artist-made burner over the course of the exhibition. Invoking the pragmatic and mystical properties of scented smoke, the exhibition will ceremoniously cleanse the space of previous occupants’ residue. This non-visual announcement will cultivate a meditative, mildly psychoactive atmosphere and prepare the ground for subsequent exhibitions.
Hayley Barker (Los Angeles, CA)
Mike Bray (Eugene, OR)
Ryan Burghard (Portland, OR)
Sara Clendening (Los Angeles, CA)
Bruce Conkle (Portland, OR)
Brooks Dierdorff (Orlando, FL)
Matthew Clifford Green (Los Angeles, CA)
Tannaz Farsi (Eugene, OR)
James Herman (Los Angeles, CA)
Elisabeth Horan (Portland, OR)
Courtney Kemp (Portland, OR)
Christina Kenton (Vancouver, BC)
Kylie Lockwood (Detroit, MI)
Jeffry Mitchell (Seattle, WA)
Donald Morgan (Eugene, OR)
Dylan Neuwirth (Seattle, WA)
Nicholas Nyland (Tacoma, WA)
Virginia Overton (New York, NY)
Laura Piasta (Vancouver, BC)
Ralph Pugay (Portland, OR)
Wendy Red Star (Portland, OR)
Lydia Rosenberg (Philadelphia, PA)
Jack Ryan (Eugene, OR)
Anna Sew Hoy (Los Angeles, CA)
Brendan Shea (Portland, ME)
Dave Siebert (Philadelphia, PA)
Rob Smith (New York, NY)
Jesse Sugarmann (Bakersfield, CA)
Gabriel Temme (Portland, OR)
Audra Wolowiec (New York, NY)
Elizabeth Zvonar (Vancouver, BC)



LUNCH: Soil is a Walled Garden at Soil Gallery, Seattle, WA

September 3 – September 26, 2015











“What purpose do the rooms of SOIL Gallery serve? Are we looking or meeting? Are we talking or telling? Attempting a gentle argument for the human use of the space, we aim to temporarily re-model the gallery for the comfort and amusement of its impermanent inhabitants.

We present Lunch – A temporary break from work with nutritious and interactive intent.”

Julia Heineccius
Natalie Jenkins
Courtney Kemp
Steven Kennon
Nadege Roscoe-Rumjahn
Heidi Schwegler

Reception   9.3.15, Thursday, 6-8 pm



Continuum at Mist Gallery

August 20 – September 30 2015 

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 6.39.25 PM









Ashely Peifer | Courtney Kemp | Hwa Kyung Kim | Kaede Ford | Kyle Kogut | Zac Benson

August 20 – September 30 at Mist Gallery, based in Richmond, VA







Private & Polite: Courtney Kemp’s Youth & Progress (Noise & Color Magazine)

Courtney Kemp: Youth & Progress (Artslandia Magazine, March/April 2015)

Courtney Kemp and Karen VanMol: HOME (Art Jewelry Forum)

At the Ending, On All Corners (Disjecta Gallery)


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